David Keyworth (a published student)
September 2019
Wild Pressed Books

About the publication

Deserted night-time streets, airports and twilit railway stations are haunted by the narrative presence as well as by the spirits of the unseen, always only just out of reach. 

Filmic themes intersperse with echoes of the not-yet-happened and the in-some-future-they-will-never-happen-again.

This is a haunting collection of 15 poems that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.


Homelessness – literal and metaphorical – haunts the streets of David Keyworth’s atmospheric collection. In these concise, finely judged poems we meet characters cut adrift from their own lives – like the lost soul of ‘No More Departures’ waiting at the station for a future that never arrives. Keyworth is particularly effective at capturing those momentary interactions which make up so much of contemporary life – and which can make ghosts of us all. Highly recommended.

Esther Morgan, Award winning poet and author of 4 poetry collections

David Keyworth’s debut pamphlet, The Twilight Shift, lives up to its title. Something of the twilight, of things sensed or half-seen, unsettle these poems. Keyworth’s language is fresh and precise, the images acutely observed and sometimes startling, invoking both haunting and haunted. ​The reader is left to question ‘the momentary drag of their shadows’ (The People Who Live at My Apartment) and ‘the virgin-dead/ clinging to the sleeves of his shirt’ (Angel, no. 30).

Angela France - Poet, Tutor, Workshop Leader