Jane Weir (a published student)
October 2005
Templar Poetry

About the publication

In her assured first collection, The Way I Dressed During the Revolution, Jane Weir interrogates the hazards, freedoms, sorrows and fears that shape the geography of our inevitable revolutions. The host of characters staged here – men, women and children, their many faces in the crowd – confront the rhetoric of convention and the moribund tyrannies of establishment.


Jane Weir's poems are made and measured dreamcoats. They are exquisite garments which clothe and enfold us in her imagination

Simon Armitage

What blazes through this collection, hangs onto its tails, is passion coupled with a fierce intellectual commitment, not only to the individual life but the mass, the crowd, often the silenced, dispossessed; her Mistress is History.

Liam McIntyre

These are poems to go back to time and time again. From ferrets to flirting, by way of figs, from Belfast to Venice with a detour through Wigan, Jane Weir's voice is as true as her eye is unerring. Phone me please, Kirsty Young, I've found my Desert Island Book.

Glenn Patterson