Wyl Menmuir (a published student)
June 2016
Salt Publishing

About the publication

On the surface, his move to the isolated village on the coast makes perfect sense. But the experience is an increasingly unsettling one for Timothy Bucchanan. 

A dead man no one will discuss. Wasted fish hauled from a contaminated sea. The dream of faceless men. Questions that lead to further questions. What truth are the villagers withholding? What fuels their interest and animosity towards him? And what pushes Timothy to dig deeper?


Ominous, subtle and beautiful – an intensely resonant trawling of suffering’s deep currents.

Michael Marshall Smith

In this beautiful and frightening novel, Wyl Menmuir understands that loss is an enormous anchor from which everyone swings on the tide. His characters know they can never hoist this anchor, they only know they must try; otherwise the lifting lines become heavy chains dragging them to the bottom. The Many then captures the ecstasy observed on the faces of the drowning in the moment they surrender themselves to the sea.

Mark Richard, author of Fishboy

The sparse prose is dark and intense, strikingly written with a haunting quality that sends shivers through the soul.

Jackie Law, Never Imitate