Anne Caldwell (a published student)
November 2008
Route Publishing

About the publication

Do daughters step into their mothers' shoes? How does this central relationship color women's lives? The tales in this anthology address these questions with honesty and vigor, weaving humor and warmth into the telling of small but significant tragedies.Celebrated poets, the writers showcased here explore daughter hood and motherhood in their own unique styles and offer a distinct set of insights. They speak out in prose that fizzes and crackles, throwing light on this most formative of relationships. You'll find plenty to uncover in this irreverent but heartfelt take on an age-old subject. Some Girls' Mothers features stories from Suzanne Batty, Anne Caldwell, Nell Farrell, Char March, Clare Shaw and River Wolton.


Touching, wounding and humbling.

Simon Armitage

Beautiful writing. A lovely mix of poignant and funny material, it will touch so many chords with so many mothers and daughters.

Polly Thomas