Ruby Soames (a published student)
Hookline Books

About the publication

When Kate marries the wild, sexy Frenchman she meets on holiday, everybody is stunned. Marc, however, is an attentive and adoring husband - until one morning he goes out, and doesn't come back. After three years of searching for him, Kate has to move on. She cuts her hair, throws away his things and finds new love. Then one morning she wakes up with Marc asleep in her bed. He asks for seven days to prove his love. Kate knows Marc is not the man she once fell in love with, but as he discovers, she too has changed.


An irresistible read - fast paced and finely crafted. The author makes an intriguing study of the impact of grief and the minutiae of love.

France Magazine

Ruby Soames offers McEwanish sophistication of style and structure.

The Riviera Reporter

If you're looking for a sombre, unpredictable and compelling read with fresh metaphors and a rich aray of imagery, Seven Days to Tell You is just for you.

The Chicklit Club