Liz Kessler (a published student)
Children's books
August 2011

About the publication

Philippa is excited to spend her vacation with her friend Robyn, but she has no idea just how much excitement awaits. When a magic spell carved on a mysterious circle of rocks transports Philippa to fairy godmother headquarters, she learns that her own mother is in danger. To protect her mom from a serious accident, Philippa must pretend to be a fairy, while Daisy, her fairy godsister, returns to Earth as Philippa! And that’s just the beginning of their adventure. After passing a harrowing test of their loyalty to each other, Philippa and Daisy undergo a fantastic journey to rescue a lost fairy who has devoted her powers to maintaining the portal of the stone circle. With time running out, and the worlds of humans and fairies at risk of being severed, Daisy finds herself facing an extraordinary choice that has the power to change her life forever.


A warm and magical tale which will appeal to any young girl who understands the true value of friendship.


Enchanting and entertaining... There are always some super surprises around the corner in Kessler's sparkling Philippa Fisher books and - along with their brilliant illustrations, magical mix of fun and fantasy, love and loyalty and drama and dreams - they make perfect reading for adventurous little girls!

Lancashire Evening Post