Iris Feindt (one of our writers)
Short stories
May 2011
Pandril Press

About the publication

A collection of 12 short stories from Pandril Press, a regional publishing enterprise that aims to promote emerging writing talent. Pandril Press was formed by Nicky Harlow and six other writers who began working together on a master’s degree course in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007. 

From a satirical take on Manchester's corporate snake-pit to a drug-fuelled tragedy in a grubby northern town; from a journey into the creation of a great master to a romantic experiment in Macau, Panopticon is a sideways, back-to-front and upside down look at the world. This all-new anthology - told through the eyes of individuals whose gaze is sometimes comic, sometimes tragic and often both - challenges assumptions and stretches the boundaries of imaginative fiction.


Panopticon introduces seven exciting new talents, and also marks the arrival of a new publishing venture in the North West. This is a great beginning; I’m looking forward to what they do next.

Ailsa Cox