Shanta Everington (a published student)
May 2007
Cinnamon Press

About the publication

"My name is Marilyn, like Marilyn Monroe.  I was left for dead at a bus stop on Christmas Eve…"

Discover the captivating voice of Marilyn, a learning disabled young woman, as she faces some of the biggest challenges of her life.

The story opens with Marilyn in hospital after the attack, and follows her emotional journey back to independence. Marilyn wants to return to her seaside flat and her boyfriend Keith but the professionals and family who ‘care’ for her have other ideas.

The novel, which is written in chapters titled after Marilyn Monroe's films, draws parallels between the lives of these two complex and often misunderstood women.

A story of resilience from the voice of someone who understands more than others realise – funny, poignant, brilliantly observed.


Marilyn is one of those characters who stay with you long after the book is finished. I wept for her as she confused sex with love and hoped for the baby that people doubted she would be able to care for…Do read this book… It might be about Marilyn but she stands for all those in society who are less able for one reason or another and who are treated as problems to be solved rather than as people in their own right.


Shanta Everington has managed the impossible: a ‘story’ in a really authentic voice of an adult with a learning disability. She does this with skilful repetition of ‘learned’ mantras and the kind of candid observation that comes with disinhibition. This book is brilliant – tender and terrifying, but oh so authentic.

Wendy Klein, psychiatric social worker