Aaron Lembo (a published student)
September 2020
Erbacce Press

About the publication

A startlingly original chap-book from Aaron Lambo; poetry to make you think as well as to languish in the manipulation of words and phrases... (Sample from this collection; Long Distance, below the cover). 


From England to Italy, China and Vietnam, the poet transports us to his world – an often beguiling, sometimes foreboding, place where pigeons perform sermons and woodpeckers are voyeurs, where footballers glide like swans on top of multi-storey car-parks and statesmen chase shadows down cobbled streets. Lembo is creative with the classical world and a chronicler of the contemporary. Poems of food, sex and religion, where food and sex are often religion. From the pak choi and sea bass to the elixir of ginseng and ginger, this is a pamphlet to be carried away by, packed with poems to feast on, poems to undress.

Paul Stephenson

It’s All Gone Don Juan strikes that notoriously difficult ground between spoken English and literary refinement, observation and imagination, personal experience and commentary on world and history. The poems are attractively relaxed in form and in tone; they take the commonplace occurrences of existence and raise them up into something altogether more enticing with a lightness of touch and a particular tact. Such tact is unusual and is key to these poems. This is a striking debut collection and Aaron Lembo is one to watch.

Tim Liardet