Martine McDonagh (a published student)
February 2012
Myriad Editions

About the publication

The world has been ravaged by climate change and Rachel is left to fend for herself. Living amid a clutch of disparate communities whose inhabitants she chooses to avoid, she rarely ventures beyond the safety of the storm wall. But when Jez White disturbs her twilight existence, Rachel finds herself in a murky territory somewhere between stalking and being stalked. A story of survival and obsession, this complex psychological portrait framed by compelling drama, it is by turns sensual, poignant and sinister.


The most disturbing utopias are those which feels closest to hand; and McDonagh indicates how swiftly society reverts to tooth and claw primitivism... Fans of post-apocalyptic parables will be well pleased.

The Guardian

It paints an all-too-convincing picture of life in the rural Midlands in the middle of this century - cold and stormy, with most modern conveniences long-since gone, and with small, mainly self-sufficient, communities struggling to maintain a degree of social order. It is very atmospheric and certainly leaves an indelible imprint on the psyche.

BBC Open Book