Elisabeth Sennitt Clough (a published student)
January 2015
Paper Swans Press

About the publication

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough’s inaugural pamphlet, Glass, is filled with poems that are detail-rich, evocative and precise. Poems that invite us into their world of dark humour, transforming their readers and revealing their deepest truths.


When I had the good luck to meet Elisabeth Sennitt Clough at Arvon recently, I found a poet of deeply-read intensity taking on a great range of material, some very difficult, to make work of real power, managed by considerable technical expertise. The results are touching, and intellectually engaging, moving and beautiful.

Ian Duhig

Many of her poems explore the territory of the domestic, but you will not find anything benign or cosy here. Sennitt Clough makes us look at things, not always comfortable things, using language that startles and excites, and we are always left knowing a little more.

Rebecca Goss

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough writes deftly, thoughtfully, and with a fine ear for sound. She is a keen people-watcher: the small details noted in her poems make them sparkle with colour and linger in the memory.

Claire Askew