Shanta Everington (a published student)
Young adult fiction
July 2008
Flame Books

About the publication

"I have to listen very hard to hear what he says. Watching his mouth helps but it makes me blush. He's staring at mine. Just like he was staring at that girl s the other day. So maybe she s not his girlfriend, after all..."

Do you ever feel that life isn't turning out quite as you planned? 
Meet Liz. Bullied at college, disillusioned at home and seriously lacking in self-esteem, Liz has to contend with the Russell twins, a man in pyjamas sharing her mum's bed, and size 9 feet.

Do you ever wish that you could find someone who really 'gets' you? 
Meet Doug. Gorgeous, strong willed and unlike anyone Liz has ever met, Doug transforms the way Liz looks at herself and her life. And for the first time ever, Liz is actually happy.

Two great people from very different worlds = one amazing relationship. 
They say opposites attract. But will the gap between Liz and Doug prove too much to handle?


Fantastic writing that handles issues sensitively and with total confidence. Liz and Doug's story is one anyone and everyone can relate to and that's the magic of this book. I couldn't put it down.

Rae Earl, author of My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary

This is a story of first love and finding yourself, and Everington manages to write about a range of issues - deafness, teenage insecurity, cultural pressures - with authenticity and a light touch.


A bittersweet story of first love, with a disability twist... I would recommend this book to the young (perhaps not the very young, because of the references to sex!) and the young at heart.

Disability Now