Diana Bradley (a published student)
Audio books
January 2012
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About the publication

Steaming and frothy ... the perfect novel to read while you stretch out on a squashy sofa in a corner of your favourite coffee shop nursing a long coffee and maybe something chocolate and indulgent. Cappuccinos weaves together the stories of six people whose lives are all touched by an upmarket bistro called Cappuccinos. It's at the heart of a property empire run by attractive, ruthless Vincent. So far he hasn't put a foot wrong in business or in love, but is that all about to change? Has he met his match in resourceful, sexy Georgina? Diana Bradley combines raunchy romance with a tender love story and a tale of hope in this well crafted novel that's guaranteed to keep you reading for hours. 


This author has found her niche in her intercutting style and ends every chapter on a cliffhanger.

Nicholas Royle

I found this novel hard to put down. I was reading it when I should have been doing other things.

Sue Bury, Cookery Expert