Jane Weir (a published student)
October 2006
Templar Poetry

About the publication

This sequence of poems, both lyrical and elegiac, charts a journey that begins in a Derby coffee shop and ends who knows where...

Often startling, they unearth chance, opportunity, compassion, love, loss and a collective ambition; bold and daring they never flinch or turn away, instead they look straight ahead-walk steady
towards the wire.

Several of the poems in this pamphlet  focus on the life of  Alice Wheeldon. Alice lived in Derby and was an active suffragette and socialist and she, along with many others, was opposed to conscription during the First World War. She ran a successful second hand clothes business and both her business and her home became a safe haven for conscientious objectors on the run during the war.

Alice, with other members of her family and friends were imprisoned during the war for supposedly trying to assassinate Lloyd George and Arthur Henderson. But the larger preoccupations of this collection are held in the deeply moving sequence of  poems on love and loss.  


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