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Burgess Foundation, Cambridge Street, Manchester M1 5BY
A Body of Words: The Body Beautiful: Dr Muzna Rahman, Alan Buckley & Helen Mort

A Body of Words offers critical and creative perspectives on body image from academics and poets. The events feature poetry in performance, audience discussions and creative writing prompts and aim to start a dialogue around issues from eating disorders to self-portraits.

All events take place at the Anthony Burgess Foundation (3 Cambridge St, Manchester, M1 5BY) from 7pm. 3 Cambridge St, Manchester, M1 5BY. Booking not required.

April 25th - The Body Beautiful: Dr Muzna Rahman, Alan Buckley & Helen Mort

Dr Muzna Rahman (MMU) - Muzna is a lecturer in contemporary postcolonial and world literature with a particular interest in representations of food and hunger in literature and film. Her PhD thesis focused on images of food and hunger in a variety of postcolonial situations, and her current research builds on the idea of hunger and contemporary food anxieties as they manifest in a globalized world.

‘The Body Beautiful’ by Helen Mort and Alan Buckley - Alan and Helen are poets and performers who have co-created a live literature show exploring how we live through our bodies. With poems about the prejudices faced by female rock climbers, the male gaze, our complex relationship with physical beauty, and the mystery of fire-eating, this piece aims to give the body its own true voice. ‘The Body Beautiful’ has been performed at the Oxford Literary Festival.