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Burgess Foundation, Cambridge Street, Manchester M1 5BY
A Body of Words: Selfie-aware: Dr Anne Burns, Dr Nikolai Duffy & Andrew McMillan

A Body of Words offers critical and creative perspectives on body image from academics and poets. The events feature poetry in performance, audience discussions and creative writing prompts and aim to start a dialogue around issues from eating disorders to self-portraits.

All events take place at the Anthony Burgess Foundation (3 Cambridge St, Manchester, M1 5BY) from 7pm. 3 Cambridge St, Manchester, M1 5BY. Booking not required.

March 14th - Selfie-aware: Dr Anne Burns, Dr Nikolai Duffy & Andrew McMillan

Dr Anne Burns (University of Sheffield) - Anne’s research has focused on a connection between the discussion of women’s photographic practices and social discipline. Her work also considers how involuntary pornography (sometimes called ‘revenge porn’) features a distortion of feminist goals of ‘choice’ in order to legitimise victims’ humiliation and punishment. Prior to her PhD, Anne worked as a portrait photographer in a high street makeover studio.

Andrew McMillan (MMU) - Andrew joined the Manchester Writing School team in September 2017. His debut collection physical was the first ever poetry collection to win The Guardian First Book Award. The collection also won the Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection Prize, a Somerset Maugham Award (2016), an Eric Gregory Award (2016) and a Northern Writers' award (2014).

Dr Nikolai Duffy (MMU) - Nikolai is a poet and Senior Lecturer in the English Department. His principal research explores different forms of writing that combine critical and creative practice. He joins us to discuss a new project on selfies.