Who am I?

I’m a poet.

My out of university work is in a range of related areas. I’m a regular broadcaster on BBC Radios 3 and 4 and TV, a radio dramatist and opera librettist. I’ve written two novels and a book of nonfiction. At the heart of it all is poetry, so I’m interested in supervising research projects on modern and contemporary poetry (20th and 21st Century), poetry and theology, poetry and science, poetry and music, poetry and broadcast.

I teach online and campus poetry workshops and literature courses, with a strong emphasis on craft and close reading.

There’s a Wikipedia entry on me and my work at

Why do I teach?

As a poet, and Professor of Poetry, my work at MMU is about nurturing and developing writers and readers of poetry. To help students develop their skill, understanding and confidence is very rewarding, and many of them go on to achieve publication and a readership for their own poetry beyond MMU.

Words of wisdom

Any good writer is a good reader first. There’s no substitute for being steeped in the great work of the past, and reading the work of your contemporaries. It’s an obvious piece of advice, but no less true for that.

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Published Work