Who am I?

I teach creative writing on the BA joint honours course and the novel route of the MA. I am a writer of novels and short stories but I have also written a volume of aphorisms, adapted books for radio and translated others from French. I have a particular interest in ecological writing, the European novel, historical and speculative fiction and literature in translation.

I am currently working on my fifth novel and had a number of books out in 2013.

Why do I teach?

Writing is a solitary activity, yet we grow when we can share our work. If we expose it to scrutiny and learn to communicate what appeals to us in fiction we can develop as writers. I believe in the benefits of close reading and discussion of texts. We improve as writers by becoming better readers and by simply sitting down and getting the pen to the paper; the only way to write is to do it. Having people there to read the result may be daunting but it is the best way of building discipline. My job is to be available to encourage and challenge students and to propose ways forward when the path seems unclear.

Words of wisdom

My advice for any creative writer is simple: read. Read all you can, whenever you have a moment. This is happy advice – it means you are ‘working’ even as you engage in one of the most pleasurable activities known to humanity.


Read my full academic profile on the Department of English at MMU website.

Published Work