Who am I?

I am a teacher of Creative Writing here at MMU and an author of three novels; a memoir about my quest to get a judo black belt, and a series of humorous books about the Church of England.

Teaching Creative Writing is the art of striking a balance between the critical and the creative. I aim to develop critical thought through close engagement with texts whilst letting students suspend their ‘inner critic.’

I spend my time collaborating with critical colleagues in teaching The Gothic as Creative Writing; Narrative Theology and Fiction Writing. I also spend time writing Young Adult Fantasy Fiction and exploring new formats for publishing fiction, e.g. The Novel as a blog (I am currently writing a partly crowd-sourced novel in weekly blog instalments). I’m a passionate judo player and cathedral junkie. I’ve recently moved to Liverpool and am enjoying the vibrancy this city has to offer.

Why do I teach?

My work as a novelist is to create new worlds and invite the reader into them. Teaching Creative Writing at MMU is all about helping students to discover their own new fictional worlds, to explore them, then hone their writing skills until that world and its characters are as vivid to the reader as the writer. After that, we look outward towards the ever-evolving world of publishing.

Words of wisdom

Read, read, read. Live in your own head and inhabit the world of your fiction obsessively. A course in Creative Writing is licence to daydream.

Read my full academic profile on the Department of English at MMU website.

Published Work