Megan Taylor

Megan Taylor

Graduated 2009

Megan Taylor was born in Greenwich, South London, in 1973. Her first novel, How We Were Lost, a dark coming-of-age story, was published by Flame Books in 2007…

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Jane Weir

Jane Weir

Graduated 2003

Jane Weir is Anglo–Italian who grew up in Manchester and lived in Belfast for several years before moving back to England. She was joint winner (with fellow…

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Robin Yassin-Kassab

Robin Yassin-Kassab

Graduated 2008

Robin Yassin–Kassab was born in Britain to a Syrian father and English mother. He graduated from Oxford University and worked as a journalist in Pakistan before…

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Jane Yeh

Jane Yeh

Graduated 2003

Jane Yeh was born in America and educated at Harvard University. She holds master’s degrees from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the Manchester…

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