David Chadwick (a published student)
April 2015
Aurora Metro Books

About the publication

Liverpool, 1863: Newly arrived in England, wealthy liberals enlist Trinity, an escaped slave girl, in their campaign to abolish slavery and support Abraham Lincoln's Union. Jubal, a high-ranking Confederate officer, has arrived to find supporters and raise funds for the opposing side. When Trinity discovers a high-stakes conspiracy to win the war for the South, she must risk everything to stop it - including her new-found freedom. But who will believe a runaway slave? And who can she really trust?


First class storytelling. An addictive novel with love and gunsmoke and a tremendous feel for its time and its settings Victorian Liverpool and the American Civil War lived out by characters of real passion and true human complexity.

Paul Du Noyer, author of Liverpool: Wondrous Place and founding editor of MOJO

A joy to read. It plunges us straight into the nefarious doings of the American Civil War, through the distinctive voices of its two protagonists, Trinity Giddings and Jubal de Brooke. David Chadwick's sense of place and time is extraordinary, and he throws an entertaining slant on a complex and fascinating period of history. The writing is lyrical, lavishly detailed and witty, too. This is an immersive, powerful historical novel - one impossible to put down.

Sherry Ashworth