Sherry Ashworth (one of our writers)
December 2001
Coronet Books

About the publication

Fit not Fat... Words that strike terror into Cassie's ample bosom - must she wave goodbye to her lazy ways just when she's bidding goodbye to her travelling boyfriend Terry? But she has no choice - she either loses her excess weight or her gall bladder. At the newly taken-over Fit Not Fat Health Club, Jane, the new manageress, has her work cut out. It's her task to win over the former staff, all of whom resent her promotion and her tireless energy. There's sulky Siobhan, Jekyll-and-Hyde Jodie and gorgeous Garth - and none of them trust her. And while Cassie is re-designing her body, Jane develops designs on Garth's. It's a race against time for Jane to prove herself and for Cassie to lose those pounds. But is there a price to pay for the single-minded pursuit of fitness? Is health the new religion for the twenty-first century? As ever, Sherry Ashworth supplies some provocative and witty answers. Well intentioned, it demands to be read before you go to the gym!


Kick off your trainers and expand a calorie or two on this funny page turner

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