Sherry Ashworth (one of our writers)
April 2012
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About the publication

Good Recipes and Bad Women is a delicious, feel-good romantic comedy, set in north London in 1967. When 15 year old Jo Good decides to collect her mother Dorrie’s recipes, she sets a chain of events in action that threaten to blow apart her family. Unknown to her, Dorrie is harbouring a secret intimately connected with food. And Jo’s grandmother Miriam – who’s a dreadful cook - has it in for all of them and will stop at nothing to get what – or who – she wants.


Having recently read "Mr Rosenblum's List" by Natasha Solomons I fancied a book along the same lines but different, if that makes sense. "Good Recipes and Bad Women", even though slightly different in tone, more than delivered. The narrative follows three generations of Jewish women living in London during the 1960s. The wonderful description of food is mouth-watering and I found myself craving chicken soup and latkes. Ashworth uses the food as an extension of character, which works really well. The characters are vivid and leap off the page. The story follows the women's journeys and depicts their moral dilemmas beautifully and is always underpinned with humour. If you're on a diet, don't read this book. Everyone else should download it now. An absolute delight to read!

Iris Feindt