Sherry Ashworth (one of our writers)
October 1991
Crocus Books

About the publication

Eating is sexy, sensual, wonderful, indulgent and forbidden.

At the Heyside branch of Slim-Plicity, the women are struggling valiantly with their waistlines. Stella, the sylphlike group leader, is very encouraged. They are going to be the slimmest group in the north-west and qualify for a celebration buffet.

Meanwhile, in a nearby pub, members of the Fat Women’s Support Group agree that dieting is a tool of women’s oppression used by men and the media. It's time to change the public perception of fat by being proud to be big. Sandra, an English student at the university is torn: she wants to be slim, but she doesn’t want to be oppressed. Helen wants to be slim but eating is the only thing that relieves the boredom of her life. And Stella herself is discovering that thin does not always equal perfect bliss...

As the various members of Slim-Plicity and the FWSG try to find happiness, the question is: to diet or not to diet?


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